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My Weekly Habits | REMOVABLE Custom Habit Tracker and Planner

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My Weekly Habits ~ REMOVABLE and Adhesive Custom Habit Tracker and Planner

This weekly habit tracker is printed on our innovative removable adhesive planner and is your all-in-one solution for setting new habits and tracking your progress and consistency throughout the week. Unlike traditional magnetic planners, this planner features removable, replaceable, and re-positionable technology perfect for use on mirrors, wardrobes, walls and virtually all smooth and flat surfaces. Effortlessly write your habits and track your progress with a whiteboard marker that easily writes on the planner and can be cleanly erased.

The planner comes with 12 lines to track 12 fully customisable habits. You have the choice of either leaving the lines blank to write in your own habits, or we can fill these lines in with your given habits and have them printed onto your planner. For each habit, there are checkboxes for each day of the week to help track your daily progress. We will provide you with a digital proof of your tracker if you choose to order the custom filled habits tracker.

As well as this, you can customise the title of the habit tracker with your name or a personalised phrase.

The tracker also has two boxes that allow you to write down your goals for the week, as well as any notes to remind yourself with. Lastly, you can rate your progress for the week and set goals according to how you progressed!

Customisation points:
- Heading: Add your name or a favorite quote.
- Habits: Choice between blank lines or prefilled lines (you must provide the habits you want listed in the Personalisation box)

- Approx. A4 | 30cm x 21cm | 11.8in x 8.3in

Multi-Surface Versatility: This planner can be applied to a variety of flat surfaces, including walls, mirrors, fridges, and more, giving you the freedom to choose where it works best for you.

Dry Erase Convenience: Crafted from a special dry erase material, you can effortlessly wipe away and update your plans whenever needed. The front surface is designed for easy dry wiping, while the back boasts our cutting-edge re-positionable adhesive technology.

Personalisation: Make it uniquely yours by customising the planner with a heading of your choice and the habits that best suit your lifestyle.

- A4 size
- Utilises a removable adhesive for easy application and repositioning.
- Durable UV-printed design that won't fade or rub off.
- Each planner includes a white board pen with an eraser tip.

What's included?
- 1x Customised removable adhesive habit tracker
- 1x Whiteboard marker