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'Love beyond measure' Kids Growth Height Chart

Custom name or details engraved on top?

This height chart makes a wonderful keepsake that will be treasured as your child grows. Available etched with 'Love beyond measure' or any custom wording as desired.

  • Printed on durable canvas with Australian Tasmanian oak wood top and bottom finish - you could use it for years.
  • Fully portable, rolls-up for safekeeping (or if you move house).
  • Starts from the floor and features Imperial and Metric scales (0 to 6 foot 9 inches| 0 to 207cm centimeters high); 20 cm | 7.87 inches wide.
  • Comes ready to hang (you just need a nail, 3M removable hook or thumbtack in the wall).
  • A simple way to keep track of your family's growth that can be hung in any room (not just the kids' rooms)
  • Accurately allows you to capture children and even adult's height

Made in Australia and ships worldwide.

Can be customised with a custom name or any personalisation etched into the top also (choose 'yes' to the Custom name or details engraved on top? dropdown)


Adorable design! Looks just like a tape measure, it will bring a little character into any kid's room, baby's nursery or family area.

Perfect gift for a new baby, baby shower, first birthday gift, or any child’s birthday present!

This design is an easy way to measure your child's growth from birth to adulthood. This portable, roll-up height chart is the perfect alternative to marking your child's heights on a wall or door frame which is too often lost or painted over! This product was created by two designers who are also parents who wished they would have compared their heights as kids to their own family.

We recommend using a black ultrafine Sharpie-type felt pen to mark heights on the chart. (not included)

We recommend you wrap the wooden top & bottom sections in tissue paper when rolled up to ensure the wood finish doesn’t rub onto the canvas print also will protect the acrylic from any scratches.

To ensure long-term uses for many years; keep out of direct sunlight as print might discolour or fade over time.

Note on customisation:

On the wood, the name is etched/burnt into the top. The longer the detail the smaller the font will be.

So your order is not delayed, no proof of the etching will be sent unless requested. 

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