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Custom Weekly Meal and Menu Planner - Magnetic Whiteboard Planner & Shopping List

Font Style (title only)

Customised magnetic weekly meal planning fridge planner. Personalised weekly menu title and list title. Magnetic whiteboard marker included.

This weekly meal planner is perfect for planning and keeping track of your meals throughout the week and includes a side notes section. Each day includes ample blank space to write your meals, snacks and dinners, making mealtimes clear for the whole family. The side notes section is customisable and allows you to write down any notes for the family. The meal planner also comes in a combo with a half-A4-sized customisable Shopping List to keep track of what's needed to make each meal.

The design is printed on an A4 sized magnetic whiteboard that easily sticks to your fridge or any magnetic surface. The marker easily glides over the surface and rubs off with minimal effort. The design itself is UV printed, making it long-lasting and durable against any erasing.

TWO Customisation points:
- Heading: Add your name, family name, favorite quote, or business name.
- Right Hand Side Notes section title: e.g. Groceries, Notes, To Do, Food in Fridge
- List Title: e.g. Grocery List, Ingredients, etc.

Font Style choice only refers to the heading. The rest of the design will stay as pictured.

NOTE - if a font style is not chosen we will use font 3 as shown in the listing

- Medium: approx. A4 | 30cm x 21cm | 11.8in x 8.3in

Perfect for the fridge so the whole family can see what's on the menu!

- A4 sized meal planner
- Flexible magnetic whiteboard
- Personalised heading & list title
- Design UV printed for maximum durability (won't rub off)
- Whiteboard marker with eraser tip included

What's included?
- 1x Customised magnetic weekly meal planner
- 1x magnetic whiteboard marker