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Arch Business Property Signage - 3D logo sign

Height measurement of arch (largest measurement)

At CoCreative Design we want to help you stand out from the crowd with your business or property signage. 

There is no cookie-cutter approach here, rather each piece is created alongside you! You are involved from the moment you place your order, whether you are using your own logo or you are using our fonts to create the perfect piece. Our trained designer will create an amazing piece for you.

This is perfect for your next market booth, to hang in your office, or even the entrance to your business. The possibilities are endless!


  • Arch sign perfect for your house or business signage
  • Stand out by using your own logo or having our trained designer work with you to create the perfect piece
  • A wide variety of colours are available so we can match (as closely as possible) your branding colours

Approx. arch size based on height (select height from drop down):

  • 20cm wide x 30cm tall
  • 30cm wide x 40cm tall
  • 40cm wide x 50cm tall
  • 42cm wide x 60cm tall (approx. A2)
  • 70cm wide x 80cm tall
  • 80cm wide x 90cm tall

Using one of our suggested fonts?  Use the drop-down, select the font, and provide as much detail as possible. Want something a little more different or need extra attachments or a more complex installation? Then email us at and we will see what we can do for you.

Wanting your own logo used? Use the upload feature to attach your .eps or. ai vector file made in Adobe Illustrator with fonts outlined (contact us if you need help or your logo redrawn) or let us know if you want us to use your logo and do not have the right format our graphic design can recreate for a custom design fee. CANVA files are not designed to work with our professional laser machinery. We can redraw/create logos for an additional fee.

Please note that if the design is more complex, it may be an additional charge. We will advise you final cost when we receive your design. We also suggest not using very fine/delicate fonts as these don't work so well when etched or in 3D fonts. If you are requiring us to redraw or purchase an image there may be extra costs.

We can make any shape or size and please contact us if you want to have a bigger or smaller size.

When using wood, each wood has its own special grain, colour, knots, and marks. These are part of the character of each piece.

Please note that these signs are best suited for indoor use only. If you are using outside please advise so we different adhesives to help protect against the elements.